A little about me...

I initially started making shadow boxes as kitchen decorations using old photos or labels, along with dried beans.  At the holidays, my creations would take the form of nostalgic Christmas items such as old Christmas paper, bulbs, ornaments, or cards. About 25 years ago, I decided that I needed to make the boxes more as an art than a craft.  My box assemblages range from nostalgic to political statements to downright bizarre.  In addition to box assemblages, I have for many years worked in collage, in the form of postcards, envelopes, and pins


I maintain an ever-expanding collection of the materials that I gather.  Sometimes I’ll build an idea around one piece while other times I’ll come up with the idea and then search for the pieces to make it work.  Whatever my final intent, the works all start as bits and pieces of old photos, cigar boxes or old drawers, old paper, or ephemera, such as letters, tickets, and just about anything that catches my eye as I scour yard sales, antique shows, flea markets, and even the toy departments of modern stores for raw materials.


Being an artist and not much of a businessman, I don’t devote much time to marketing my work (much to the chagrin of my family and friends), however, my work has been exhibited in a wide array of venues throughout the years including the annual Melrose Arts Festival, LynnArts Mixed Media & Juried Exhibits, the Newburyport Art Association's Regional Juried Show and in several private galleries and shops including the Beebe Estate in Melrose, The Trainside Gallery in Haverhill, and Hourglass Art & Gift Gallery in Melrose.